Motels – Hotels – Batches

Hotels, motels, and baches have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their guests and accommodation owners want to protect their investments. While it is not reasonable to have rooms tested between every use, it is a good idea to have rooms tested on a semi-regular basis.

Methamphetamine can be manufactured anywhere and at any time, with a reasonably quick set up. This makes motels, hotels & baches an attractive place to smoke and manufacture methamphetamine.

Drug criminals may think they are less likely to get caught when they book holiday accommodation online where they can often book anonymously. Not having to have contact with the owner or manager makes it easier for meth manufacturers, as it is harder to screen someone you don’t have face to face contact with.

Don’t take the risk, get your Canterbury accommodation baseline tested for meth contamination so you know it is safe and clean.

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Dream Home or Nightmare

You have to ask yourself…is this my dream home, or a nightmare?


Don’t take the risk, get your holiday accommodation baseline tested

Educational Institution

Getting a Meth Test where our young people live and study will give peace of mind

Vehicles and Containers

Trucks and vehicles are a place where people can spend long hours