Methamphetamine Testing

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Meth Test Canterbury

Meth Test Canterbury is a New Zealand business specialising in the testing of houses for methamphetamine contamination. Based in Canterbury, we operate throughout the greater Canterbury region up to Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura.

Our Managing Director is ex-Police and a licensed Private Investigator with an extensive investigative background.

Our testers have attended a Workplace Education & Training course through InScience Ltd in Auckland. The facilitator of this course is Ann-Louise Weaver, a science graduate majoring in Biochemistry. Ann-Louise provides ongoing education and support for our company. Our testers hold NZQA Qualification – Meth Screening 30892, 30893, 30894

We employ the services of Hill Laboratory, whom we are in consultation with, to determine the levels of methamphetamine found from tested sites.

Meth Test Canterbury has no vested interest in any of the properties they test.

Our aim is to provide a professional service and to offer our client’s peace of mind, with a risk management strategy primarily for the protection of health and property.

Dream Home or Nightmare

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Educational Institution

Getting a Meth Test where our young people live and study will give peace of mind

Initial Testing

A trained specialist will attend the property, and in accordance with forensic sampling protocol will complete an initial test to detect the presence of methamphetamine.

Detailed Assessment

The Detailed Assessment test results will determine the levels of contamination in each room which will determine the extent of remedial work required.

Post Decontamination Testing

On the completion of the decontamination programme further quantitative analysis will be required to confirm Methamphetamine contamination levels are below NZS 8510:2017