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Meth testing cars, trucks and vehicles is becoming more common. Trucks and vehicles are a place where people can spend long hours. If any vehicle has been contaminated with methamphetamine and a driver or worker spends a lengthy time in this restricted area it can cause risky health concerns.

Many organisations in the Canterbury region have strong anti-drug policies, and this can be backed up with P tests and checks of vehicles. Make sure your trucks and vehicles are a safe environment for your workers. Arrange a meth test and have peace of mind for you and your team.

People from all walks of life can use meth for different reasons, and buyers should consider carrying out a meth test on all used car sales.

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Dream Home or Nightmare

You have to ask yourself…is this my dream home, or a nightmare?


Don’t take the risk, get your holiday accommodation baseline tested

Educational Institution

Getting a Meth Test where our young people live and study will give peace of mind

Vehicles and Containers

Trucks and vehicles are a place where people can spend long hours